benefits of becoming a light member

social members and enrichment program members

  • weekly enrichment classes, including theme days and special events * available for enrichment program members only
  • variety of social & educational events: field trips, service projects, MNOs, holiday celebrations, book club, nature walks, academic fairs, and more
  • running club
  • standardized testing
  • discounted subscription to God’s World News Magazine
  • LIGHT Katy Co-op ID card
  • access to LIGHT Katy Co-op’s online support & communication tool

What is a cooperative?

  • A cooperative, or co-op, is a collaborative organization that is jointly staffed by all the members.


What types of membership are available?

  • LIGHT offers two options: Social Member or Enrichment Program Member
    • Who can request to become a Social Member?
    Families who are interested in or currently homeschooling
    • Who can request to become an Enrichment Program Member?
    Homeschooling families with a child, who is at least six years old, and are in agreement with LIGHT’s Statement of Faith

How do I join and what are the costs involved?

  • Upon approval from the LIGHT Leadership Team, and after dues and signed documents have been received, access to LIGHT’s online support community will be granted and the family membership begins!Social Member dues & documents to sign:
  • $10 fee per year (August – July of following year)
    Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver signed
  • Enrichment Program Member dues and documents to sign:
    $60 administration fee per semester, per family
    Fall admin fee due: August 1st; Spring admin fee due: November 1st
    Individual class fees per student each semester (approx. $3-10/class)
    Code of Conduct, Liability Waiver, and Statement of Faith signed

What classes are taught at light’s enrichment program?

  • Classes vary each semester; some of the classes taught during previous semesters are listed below:
  • Electives: study of artists, art appreciation, crafts, fitness, P.E.
  • Life Skills: public speaking, sewing, auto care
  • Music: theory, instruments, composers
  • Literature: American Girl books, Five in a Row, story time
  • Geography: Africa, Central and South America, USA, Europe
  • History: Texas history, American Girl, US Presidents
  • Critical Thinking: Lego building, team building challenge
  • Science: simple machines, engineering, anatomy, animal studies, chemistry, physics, nutrition, hands-on experiments, science of baking



Enrichment Program Members attend classes on ten Tuesdays for two semesters each year.
Classes are held at The Church of the Holy Apostles at 1225 W Grand Parkway, Katy TX 77494, from 8:45am – 12:30pm.

What is the schedule of enrichment classes for each meeting?

LIGHT’s morning of enrichment classes begin with gathering for a short morning assembly, which includes prayer, song, scripture reading, and a missions minute, before breaking into classes. Students take three parent-led classes. At the end of the day, everyone gathers for a closing assembly where announcements are given, followed by clean-up, then dismissal. During clean-up, everyone is involved and assigned an area to clean. It is LIGHT’s desire to leave our host church in better condition than we found it.

How are student ages divided and what is a typical classroom size?

Current age groups: Nursery/Toddlers, Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary. Most classes have 10-12 students; the maximum number of students per class is 14.

What is the parent’s role during the morning of enrichment classes?

A parent must be present at co-op during the morning of enrichment classes; it is not a “drop off” program. We ask our families to make a commitment to attend all sessions, unless there is serious sickness or unexpected emergency. A parent attending the program with their children participates by teaching and/or assisting for two classes, and has one class hour free in the moms’ room to connect with other parents.

Are parents required to teach a class?

While teaching a class is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. The Leadership Team depends on the willingness of parents to teach in order to offer a variety of classes and provide an enriching experience for students. The Leadership Team will help parents find a class they feel comfortable teaching, and will assist in finding curriculum and resources. The good news is you are already teaching at home! LIGHT’s program is meant to be for enrichment purposes, which makes it an ideal place for parents to teach a topic they feel comfortable with, or an area they consider one of their gifts or passions in life. We are able to keep costs affordable largely because we do not pay parent teachers. They are volunteers.

Do you offer incentives for parents who teach at co-op?

Yes! The main incentive for teachers is the opportunity to select their first choice of classes for their children, as some classes fill up rather quickly.

Does the co-op ever hire outside instructors?

To maintain low membership and class costs, LIGHT advises parents to volunteer as teachers; we encourage moms, dads, even grandparents to share their gifts with students. Occasionally, we offer optional afternoon sessions taught by outside instructors at an additional cost.

What is the parent’s role or commitment beyond the morning of enrichment classes?

Families serve with a spirit of unity and cooperation. When a member uses their time, talent, and energy to help the co-op run smoothly, we all enjoy the blessing. Each family must bring something to the table to make this cooperative successful. LIGHT’s Leadership Team is always looking for ways to involve all parents and encourages parents to take ownership of the group by using their gifts, ideas, and volunteering to assist in a variety of areas.